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We are pleased to announce that Airsoft Australia has now registered an official body - the ’Australian Airsoft Association’. Constitution is being drafted as we speak. The Association proves that we have matured from an enthusiast group to a credible movement with legitimate goals.

We have also launched a new FORUM. Click HERE register and get involved. This will be the basis on which the Association will work towards its goals. Get involved, every voice counts!

LETTER TO MP 13/07/11

Below is a great letter one of our Facebook members has kindly drafted for all to use.

We recommened you click HERE to save the letter and feel free to pass this onto your Local and State MP's.


Here's further reading in regards to this weekend's NSW State Election. It should answer a few questions members have raised.

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With the NSW State Election taking place on March 26, we have uploaded for you an overview pertainng to the Political Party that supports Airsoft in Australia.

Click HERE, for a specific overview on the Outdoor Recreation Party and their current campaign.


This is the Outdoor Recreation Party's official State Election TVC. Watch the video and if any policies are of value to you then visit their site. We recommend getting behind the Party that share the same views as us and supports Airsoft in Australia. They are on our side!


With the upcoming NSW State Election, now is your chance to have a say. We have confirmed the support of the Outdoor Recreation Party who are affiliated with the NSW federally registered Liberal Democratic Party


!!NEW YEAR UPDATE - 04/1/11!!!
Some news to start 2011 for Australia’s Airsoft movement. Actually, we have 3 updates for you all. No, it hasn’t been legislated yet (unfortunately) but we believe recent talks with the Coalition for Law Abiding Sports Shooters (C.L.A.S.S) representative’s and the interest they have shown for our ongoing campaign, is a crucial advance for Australian Airsoft - on a much broader scale.

Firstly (and most importantly), an Executive representative of the Outdoor Recreation Party, has spoken to us directly and agrees with many of our views. The Executive is in support of our campaign and Airsoft Australia have organised a meeting mid/late January to discuss Airsoft legislation further.

Secondly, the same representative is also a President of the Liberal Democratic Party. The LDP also have a set of pro-gun related policies well worth reading for those interested licensed firearms holders

What this means to you, the Airsoft supporter/enthusiast?

It means that essentially, we could now have a political voice that backs our movement. Without that voice, its much harder to be noticed or even heard. That backing is crucial for the legislation of Airsoft in Australia because as you are probably aware of, petitioning, lobbying and written communication doesn’t gain much credibility for what we are all about, and it many instances - falls on deaf ears. Our resources could benefit being used elsewhere

These associations are by no means a guarantee for legislation to be changed or altered, but we believe this is a positive step in the right direction. The more our cause is heard by political parties the more exposure we get.

Thirdly, Airsoft Australia is now officially a “Stakeholder” for Australian Customs. With the recent membership, we received documents (related to firearms importation and will continue to receive these articles) stating “Proposed Ammendments to Firearms Importation Regime”. Having gone through the document, there is a proposal that may relate to Airsoft Firearms importation in which they propose to change the term “replica” to “imitation”. Although a minor change, down the track this isnt clear whether it will benefit us or not, but we have an opportunity to speak up and divulge. Essentailly the two terms have the same meaning but used in a different set of context may have an alternative outcome. In the coming days I'll upload the document to the website for all of you to view.

Thanks once again for you ongoing support and we hope this year will get off to a more positive start. Nothing so far has guaranteed Airsoft legislation but persistence may one day pay itself off.

!!UPDATE - 10/3/10!!!
NEW SITE IS HERE PEOPLE!!! A fresh new look, for a fresh new movement. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and we do apoligise to the 100's of people that have joined our mailing list who hadnt heard back from us. Your patience will hopefully pay off, but but this isnt going to be an easy path.

So have a peruse around the new site and send all positive and negative feedback to us, tips for improving or what you like. The FAQ section we're trying something different, so stay tuned its still a work in progress.

Right now we strongly suggest getting involved in the Airsoft Australia Forum and start building our presence again. If you are new, subsribe to the mailing list as well on the right of this page and every other page.

We also have created a Facebook Group in which we encourage you to join and pass on to anyone else who wants to find out more about the sport and its current state; Airsoft Australia on Facebook

!!UPDATE - 26/9/09!!!
Airsoft enthusiasts, it has been a while but here is our next update. We have added a Forum so you can discuss the movements of Airsoft in Australia. Help us all build the Airsoft community and post feedback where applicable.

I'd also like to thank each and everyone of you so far for signing up to our Mailing list. Stay tuned for further updates, and remember to sign up for the newsletter if you havent already. Now go hit the Airsoft Forum!!!!
Thanks for visiting the site! We are pleased to announce that our first update has taken place, with more information, pictures, links and videos. So have a peruse and let the team know what you think. Feedback is welcome!

Its up to all of us to make this sport legal. Lets team together and make it happen!!! Every voice counts. Come back soon, we are working on packing this site full of good content, videos, feedback, legislation updates and of course - your stories and views Watch this space fellow Airsofters!!!